Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Instagram Diary

When you're living in my country (Romania), it may be very hard to survive the winter. So I decided to not risk my life (or my shoes) and I just stayed home like a lazy bastard. I will show you, guys, how my life looks like these days through Instagram.

In the first photo is me in the garden, before the snow storm. The view was breathtaking. And in the second picture you can see that I got a new tattoo. it's a "D²", wich it's my parents initial. I made a pretty big obsession with the tv-show "American Horror Story", so I bought this Spelling book.

For the past few days I sat on the desk watching Barbie cartoons on the laptop, drinking hot tea. The desk is my favourite place from the whole house. I decorated it myself and I made it the corner where I can escape. Btw, I treated myself this morning with some Starbucks goodies. The perfect way to start the morning.

I must confess I'm a shopaholic, especially on the sales season! I bought some orgasmic accessories: Zara leather boots (Balenciaga look alike), studded Converse, an amazing leather backpack with studs and a super-duper cute "geek" beanie.

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