Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Audrey Kitching Featured in Ladygunn Magazine

There was a time in high school when I was a scene kid. Do you remember the emo era? Well... a scene kid is the colorful version of the emo kids. On this period I was really obsessed with some famous emo/scene girls. Just one of the girls stayed in my sights 'till now. Her name is Audrey Kitching, the girl with the pink hair. She grew up since I was in high school and now she's such a lady, a very fashionista one. Why I'm talking about her now? Because I just find out a gorgeous photoshoot of her on the Ladygunn Magazine. Check it out and inspire yourself from her style. P.S. Make sure you read the cool interview below!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Interiors: Black & White Minimalism

Beside fashion, clothes, shoes and so on, I have a passion for interior design. I noticed this black and white minimalist style mostly on Swedish bloggers. Since I started blogging, Swedish bloggers like Andreas Wijk and Carolina Engman were my source of inspiration and this way I learned that sometimes "less is more". So I discovered this beautiful apartment on tumblr and I fell in love with it immediately. I love everything about it. It has a beautiful grunge and sexy vibe. The apartment reminds me of the Swedish minimalist style which I adore. This apartment has a rockstar attitude!