Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bobby Abley Autumn/Winter 2014

I just discovered the London-based designer, Bobby Abley. He has a passion for Disney cartoons characters and you can see it in his A/W 2014 collection. I've always had a big attraction for all the Disney stories and when I saw this collection for the first time I remebered my childhood days. But the interesting thing is that I love the way Bobby Abley mixed these Disney character with a grunge, rebel attitude and the fetish elements.

Maybe you don't know much about Bobby Abley so here is a short bio from his website: Bobby Abley is a menswear Designer based in London. A graduated Ravensbourne College with a menswear collection that showcased a very singular view on fashion, his view, his obsessions, his fantasies and his abilities all mashed into one kitsched up, fetishized superhero scenario. Easy to imagine a graduate debut as a narrative flash in the pan but for Bobby Abley, the Mickey Mouse gimp mask, speech bubble prints and Teddy Bear logo, all carry a graphic sensitivity that acts as a filter offering a pointed, humorous approach to design.Whether it is spending days doodling a background for a tiny snow white badge (she ended up in Paris) or painting his constant outa space desire for an alternative existence, the commitment to pursue a very personal vision means that whatever Bobby does has an unique energy, a distinctive offering combined with well practiced skills, which even caught the attention and praise from a certain dame Vivienne Westwood. Stints working between Alexander McQueen and Jeremy Scott suggest the dedication to craft and ludicrous narratives. The tattoo homage to his dream girl "Ariel" and the repeated visits to Disneyland help feed an exuberant mix of the naive into a covert sexualizing of the colourful unreal.

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