Friday, 4 April 2014

Color Trend SS14 - Blue Like The Sky

Every season has a color trend and for Spring/Summer 2014 the color blue will shine, literally. But attention! I'm not talking about any shade of blue, but that gorgeous shade of blue like the sky in a hot summer day. It's such an easy to wear color and it suits to every skin tone. So make sure you will have in your wardrobe some items in the coolest color of the season!

If you're still in doubt I made this list to tempt you. Who knows? maybe it'll be helpful 'cause besides that the pieces are in the color of the season, they are also very fashionable. I count on minimalism and simplicity.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Get Ready for Summer (The Dream Body)

● I know everyone has problems when it comes to their body. Especially during the summer when we want to look the best at the beach for example. There was a time when I had some extra pounds and I didn't care at that time. I used to eat whatever I wanted, anytime, anywhere without thinking how my diet affects the body. I don't know how it happened but it came the day I said "STOP!". I realized that I can't continue like this and that I have to take care of my body from all points of view.
● So I started a healthy diet, I went to the gym and slowly began to see the results. It was a tough time. No one said it's easy, but if you have ambition, determination and you really wish to make your dream come true, nothing is impossible. 
● My diet consists of several salads, water, teas and fresh juices. In the morning I eat dairy, seeds, cereals and fruits and for lunch I eat baked or grilled lean meat or fish with green vegetables. I never eat after 6 PM! Working out is very important for a toned and harmonious body. I work out every morning when I wake up and every evening. Just simple toning exercises.
● Sometimes you can treat yourself with your favourite dessert or anything you really like, but make it sure you don't exceed.

Now I'm a happy skinny bitch!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

From Blonde to Brunette

I like changes and this time I did not hesitate to go from blonde to brunette. This happened spontaneously because I'm not the kind of person to plan something. When I want something, I want it now! I always wanted to see how I look with blonde hair and therefore I opted for the ombre style. I loved it but I realized that the brunette is more me. Now my hair is a shade of yummy golden brown and I'm very pleased about it. I'm sure there will be changes in the future because I like to experiment and try new things. After all that's what fashion's about - changes & evolution!